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Updated: May 29, 2021

What NOT to do or say when having a massage treatment.

I have been a massage therapist since 2011 and during that 10+ years of experience I have massaged a few hundred people. Every one of those massage treatments was special and unique.

Here are some examples of what you, as the client, should never do! :

1. Don’t joke if this is a “happy ending" massage or make any sexual comments.

Even as a joke this is not appropriate and will create an awkward atmosphere for the rest of the massage session. It could be classed as sexual harassment.

If you've made a mistake and expected a sexual massage then apologise, pay and walk away.

2. Don’t get sexually excited, it’s inappropriate.

This is a professional treatment, like at the doctors! Keep it professional.

If you feel like you are getting excited think about something that will take that feeling away.

If this is happening and you are not aware, the therapist may stop the massage and walk away for few minutes to give you a chance to calm down. She/he might or might not continue the session and you will still be expected to pay in full.

3. Don’t break wind.

We are working really close to your body.

When you have booked a massage avoid eating for the 1.5 hours preceding the massage session if possible. That will help to prevent the smellys.

If an uncontrolled little one sneaks out, don’t worry too much, it happens sometimes, especially when the massage is so good that all your muscles are relaxed!

4. Avoid talking too much.

Talking during a massage is not conducive to staying relaxed. You should let go mentally and emotionally and allow your body to relax.

Conversations block the healthy benefits of a massage. However this is your time and you can talk as much as you want if you feel it so necessary.

If your therapist is very chatty and this affects the massage in a negative way then speak up and say that you would like to enjoy the massage in silence.

Its best to ask your questions before or after the massage session.

5. Don’t use your phone.

Please turn it off. You can manage with out it for an hour or so.

6. Don’t be under the influence of alcohol or drugs.

It could be dangerous for your health during the massage session and its not very courteous toward the massage therapist.

7. Don’t undress in front of the therapist.

Keep it professional. Wait until she/he walks out to give you privacy to do so. If it’s not possible the therapist will turn around to give you time and space to undress and lay on the table.

8. Don’t have a shower after the massage.

Oils applied on your skin will keep it moisturised. Have a shower BEFORE the massage session.

You would like the therapist to wash their hands before doing the massage right? For good hygiene practices have a shower before the massage.

9. Don’t hide the sounds that the massage feels good.

Tell your therapist which move you liked and where specifically feels good. Also inform where doesn’t and if the pressure is too hard or too soft. Don’t be shy, we are there for you.

That said, excessive 'moaning and groaning' is not welcome.

10. Don't expect us to come to you NOW

This is not a taxi service. When you call to book a mobile massage treatment (where the therapists comes to your accommodation) they aren't yet able to teleport themselves to you 'now'.

A minimum of 3 hrs notice before the massage is due to commence is appreciated. Of course all effort will be made to get to you as soon as possible for those 'last minute' requests.

Plan your massage treatment in advance to ensure you have your treatment at the time you want and with your favourite therapist.

Remember, all the bookings are made on a first come first served basis!!!

Here are a few things you can do!

1. Do offer to help carry the massage table

We are fully capable of doing it ourselves however its always nice to have a helpful hand when we are tired and getting to your accommodation isn't always easy - snow/ice/lots of steps/etc.

2. Do tip

If you enjoyed the massage don't hesitate to tip your therapist. It’s the best way to show your gratitude!

3. Do offer water to drink

We are just humans and need a drink to keep us going.

Thats it!

I hope you enjoyed the post!. Please like my facebook page to receive information about discounts and offers.

You can also follow me on Instagram !!!

Thank you!

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Rohit R
Rohit R
Mar 15

100 dollars per hour


Feb 27

Some of these are absolutely terrible advice to give as a massage therapist and shows a level of unprofessionalism from the poster. Becoming aroused by nonsexual massages is entirely normal and it’s a bit shameful that you would cut into a client’s paid time just for a normal bodily function. Same with the gas. It means the body is relaxed enough when that happens. I’m not saying someone who just ate 3 chili dogs should come in and let it rip, but have enough decency to realize you are doing something right when that happens. I sure hope I never run into you in the massage field, because I would be embarrassed and ashamed to be seen by you.

Greg Phillips
Greg Phillips
Mar 27
Replying to

Nothing wrong with boundaries. Also nothing wrong with things happening that people can’t control, either.


Alexandra Weston
Alexandra Weston
Feb 18

Just go to her pricing pages…


Dan Williams
Dan Williams
Feb 15

I agree with most of the items in this article. However, an erection and/or flatulence is a natural reaction to being relaxed. As a professional therapist you should be able to ignore things like this, as long as they aren't doing something intentional to make it happen. Sure a guy can sit there stressed out and try to think of things to make it go down, but that isn't really what should take place during a massage. I would even say if a therapist makes a big deal out of a client getting an erection, they are sexually shaming the person and should find a different career. It happens and is as embarrassing to the client as it is to…

Alexandra Weston
Alexandra Weston
Feb 16
Replying to

I think everyone would agree that an erection is a “natural” response to being relaxed. And yes, massage therapists are taught that it’s not always driven by a sexual desire. They are also taught that sometimes it is and ultimately it’s up to them to decide what they are comfortable with. There has been a lot of work done over the years to legitimize the field of massage therapy as a field separate from prostitution. But not every client that attempts to get one realizes that… many do want a sexual experience. Massage therapists aren’t mind readers. In my experience, the easiest way to navigate, and filter out those that are looking to have a sexual experience is to be…


Ron West
Ron West
Feb 14

Answer , please!

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